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I wanted a story for my TV module production. I decided to cover the Inter-school under 19 T20 match. After taking permission and everything, we went to the ground to cover the match. We got to work and started interviewing people there. I noticed a White man wearing shorts and T-shirt, walking past us. I assumed he must be a tourist. But then, someone sitting over told us that the son of John Wright (former New Zealand player and coach) was there.

I felt really lucky and we said an immediate ‘yes’ to it. It was that very same man whom I assumed a tourist. Actually, he was on duty, updating live scores to Stephen Flemming’s website. He works for the website. I immediately improvised a set of questions and did a spontaneous interview (which I even bungled up on the first and then we made a retake). Thanks a…

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Pinterest said Friday in an e-mail to its users that the pinboard-style photosharing social network site was breached via its vendor Zendesk.

“We recently learned that the vendor we use to answer support requests and other emails (Zendesk) experienced a security breach,” said the content-sharing service. Users “pin” images and videos to their pinboards.

“We’re sending you this e-mail because we received or answered a message from you using Zendesk. Unfortunately your name, email address and subject line of your message were improperly accessed during their security breach.”

Report: Eastern European gang hacked Apple, Facebook, Twitter

Security experts: Times hacking story a wake-up call

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Skyera, the startup that is bringing the cost of Flash-based storage down by using consumer-grade chips, said it has closed $51.6 million in Series B financing led by Dell Ventures(s dell). The deal, announced on Thursday, included participation from other strategic investors and is Skyera’s second round.

It’s also a huge amount of money, but Skyera is riding a wave of interest in solid state storage, which is both faster and consumes less power than traditional hard drives. But Flash-based SSDs are also more expensive than hard drives on a per gigabyte basis — which has limited their use to places where companies can’t afford not to pay for faster performance.

As my colleague Barb Darrow noted in a profile on Skyera last year, the company brags that it can achieve a $3 per GB cost which is still pricier than a hard drive but less than what Fusion-io(s fio)…

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NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has canceled an appearance at a controversial Dallas-area church. The outspoken Christian quarterback was scheduled to speak at First Baptist Church on April 28.

The church is led by Robert Jeffress, who has been widely criticized for views against homosexuality, Islam and Mormonism. Tebow, announcing his decision Thursday on Twitter, said that he was canceling his appearance “due to new information that has been brought to my attention.”

Tebow’s statement appeared over a series of four tweets on the social media site.

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Much has been written about the disruption taking place in the media industry as a result of the web and the atomization of content, but less has been said about how the advertising business — on which most of the media industry continues to rely — has been going through its own disruption. One of the seismic shifts that has been upending business models is the one that Twitter is trying to capitalize on with its API: namely, the increasing move towards “programmatic” or automated ad buying, as opposed to the traditional human-driven ad game.

This is about more than just some tinkering with the machinery that underlies the content we consume. As Felix Salmon notes in a post at Reuters, virtually every media entity — from behemoths like the New York Times(s nyt) to the smallest independent online player — is being forced to reinvent how they…

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Matt Miklic

Thank you so much. When you asked if you could talk to me privately for a few minutes at that party, I totally didn’t know that you wanted to lecture me about my health. That was so unexpected and appreciated. It’s certainly not as though there’s been some version of you ever-present in my life. Uncles, friends’ dads, total strangers who “used to be [my] size.” So thank you; thank you so much.

As you know, part of your duty as a fit and healthy person is to remind unfit people that they are unhealthy and in need of your help. When you do this, don’t forget to say something patronizing about how you “want to keep them around for a long time.” It’ll really make them feel good about themselves, showing how much you care by insinuating that you’re going to outlive them. Be sure to mention how easy…

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